Frequently Asked Questions


Below is a list of frequently asked questions relating to our caskets. If you have a question that is not listed below, please contact us here.

What is the difference between a casket and an urn?2020-11-11T13:32:26+00:00

The words casket and urn can be used interchangeably to mean the same thing.  Please read our “Cremation Ash Caskets vs Urns – What is the Difference” blog post to learn more.

Can I have a combination of gold and silver adornings on my casket?2020-10-20T18:31:26+01:00

Once you have chosen an oak or mahogany casket, you must choose a name plaque in gold or silver colour.  If you choose gold, the ring and/or rose motif must also be in gold colour.  If you choose silver for the colour of the name plaque, the ring and/or rose motif must also be in silver colour.  If you want a different combination or a custom casket making, please contact us here.

Do you offer refunds?2020-10-12T12:53:58+01:00

Absolutely.  If you are not 100% satisfied with your casket, then we offer full refunds.  Simply contact us and we will arrange this.

How are the name plaque and accessories attached to the wood casket?2020-10-08T10:21:18+01:00

The rings are securely bolted on and the rose and plaques are pinned in place.

Can we speak before I place an order?2020-10-12T12:53:22+01:00

Yes.  If you have need to contact us, please email or send a text as woodworking machinery are very noisy and we sometimes cannot hear the phone.  We will get back in touch with you when we receive your message.  Our contact details are on the contact page here.

Will my cask look exactly like the ones in the photos?2020-10-08T10:16:02+01:00

As we only work with timber and it is a natural product some colour variations and grain colours may vary.  This is perfectly natural and makes it a one of a kind.  Other than these small natural timber variations, the casket you receive will look like the ones that you can see in the photos.

Do you make the caskets yourself?2020-10-08T12:42:24+01:00

Yes.  From unloading the sawn timber to spraying the finished casket, we do it all ourselves. All handmade.

How long will it take for my casket to arrive?2020-10-08T10:11:55+01:00

Delivery is usually 4 working days from acceptance and verification of the name plaque details.

How will my casket be packaged?2020-10-08T10:10:38+01:00

The casket is packed in a box then protective packaging placed all around and packed in a larger box to ensure your casket arrives in perfect condition.  The courier we use is APC.

How does the coding work?2020-10-20T18:32:51+01:00

Once you have decided which type of wood you would like (oak casket or mahogany casket) then you need to choose:

  1. The colour and size of the name plaque
  2. Whether you want a ring
  3. Whether you want a rose motif

You then type in the text you would like inscribing on the 3 lines of the name plaque.

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